All-N.B.A Second Team Predictions: Guard- Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma-City Thunder)

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Per Game Stats: 28.1ppg (league leading) 8.6apg 7.3rpg (first among PG’s) 2.1spg (second in league) 29.12per (second in league)

If the M.V.P was given purely on statistics Russell Westbrook would win by a landslide. Sadly for him awards and All-Nba’s do consider team record. Westbrook helped lead the banged up Thunder to 45 wins. But lost the tiebreaker to Anthony Davis’ Pelicans for the final playoff spot. Westbrook still put together in amazing campaign that saw him lead the League with 11 triple doubles and stuff the stat sheet every night. Westbrook deserves this All-Nba and a first team is in his future.


All-Nba Second Team Predictions: Forward- Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers)



Per Game Stats: 21.9ppg 7.6rpg 5.3apg 0.9spg 22.86per

Although Griffin lost some time to Injury (15 games missed) and his scoring and rebounding numbers dropped off a bit (24.1ppg to 21.9ppg) (9.5rpg to 7.6rpg) he managed to add more to his game. Griffin developed a mid range number that is now on par with the likes of David West and Chris Bosh. Griffin also averaged a career high in assist with 5.3 leading all Forwards. Griffin has also shaken off his rust and is playing like the best player in the league in the playoffs. Griffin is averaging 24.4ppg 13.3rpg 8.1apg 1.4spg and 1.3bpg. He has done it all and was crucial in giving the Clippers a 1-0 lead against the Rockets in the second round without Chris Paul (hamstring). Griffin had his third triple double of his eight postseason games and his second straight. He tallied 26 points, 14 rebounds, 13 assist and a steal in a 117-101 victory in Houston. Griffin is a lock for his fourth straight second team.

All N.B.A Second Team Predictions: Forward- Lamarcus Aldridge (Portland Trailblazers)



Per Game Stats: 23.4ppg 10.2rpg 1.7apg 1.0bpg 22.85per

Lamarcus Aldridge averaged a double-double for the second consecutive year but upped his scoring average to a career high 23.4ppg. Aldridge helped lead the Blazers to 51 wins and their first full division title (Co-winners in 1999) since 1992. Unlike those Blazers which reached it to the finals, these Blazers lost in five games to the Grizzlies in the first round. Aldridge averaged 21.8ppg 11.2rpg 1.8apg and 2.4bpg in the series but shot just 33% from the field and was three of eleven from three point range. Despite, the first round woes Aldridge shouldn’t take all the blame. He was still the best player on Portland all year and a reliable source of offence all season long. Aldridge was able to add a three point shot to his ever expanding arsenal making 35% of his three point shots. Although his days in Portland might be over his years as a productive N.B.A forward are far from over.

All N.B.A Second Team Predictions: Center- Deandre Jordan (Los Angeles Clippers)



Per-Game Stats: 11.5ppg 15.0rpg (Leauge leading) 2.2bpg 1.0spg 21.05per

Deandre Jordan improved upon his season from last year becoming one of the best center’s in the league. Jordan anchored the Clippers defence getting third in defensive player of the year voting.  Jordan also led the league in rebounds for a second consecutive year but wasn’t an all-star. Jordan always did the right play when the Clippers needed it. Whether it was grabbing the rebound on a loose ball or blocking the shot to seal the game or even throwing down a dunk to energize the home crowd and silence the away.  Jordan did everything the Clippers asked of him this season and then some. His Second-Teams should come as a wake up call to coaches and fans to get him into the All-star game net year.

All-N.B.A Third Team Predictions: Guard- John Wall (Washington Wizards)

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Per game stats: 17.6ppg 10.0apg 4.6rpg 1.7spg 19.92 per

Wall made his second consecutive trip to the all-star game this year, despite totally changed his game. He became less of a scorer but more of a facilitator and better all around player. He helped lead the Wizards to 46 wins and a first round sweep of the Toronto Raptors. In those 4 games, he averaged 17.3ppg 12.5apg and 4.0rpg. He knew when he needed to score (26 points in game 2), and when he needed to feed the hot hand (10 assist in game 4 helping 6 players reach double figures). Wall did everything for Washington this season and so far has come through in the playoffs. He is deserving of his first but not last All-Nba.

All-N.B.A Third Team Predictions: Guard- Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls)



Per game stats: 20.0ppg 5.8rpg 3.3apg 1.8spg 21.32per

Jimmy Butler has been a consistent force for a Bulls team that won 50 games and most likely a first round series win against the Bucks. He has transformed his offensive game to become one of the best 2 way players in the game today. He has also been essential in giving the Bulls a 3-2 series lead against the Bucks. He has averaged 26.6ppg 6.2rpg 3.6apg and 2.2spg in the first 5 games against Milwaukee.

All-N.B.A Third Team Predictions: Forward- Klay Thompson (Golden State Warriors)

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Per game stats: 21.7ppg 3.2rpg  2.9apg 1.1spg 20.86per

Klay Thompson helped lead the Warriors to the best record in the N.B.A with 67 wins. He set a record for points in a quarter with 37. Along the way he became one of the best two way players in the game. Although he is a shooting guard not a forward, the deepness of the guards this season forced me to move him to a forward spot. Thomson was also essential in the Warriors first round sweep of the Pelicans averaging 25 ppg. At only 25 years old the future looks bright for Thomson.